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Exciting Update: Taloyoak High School and Daycare Project!

We’re thrilled to announce that the construction contract for the Taloyoak High School and Daycare was awarded to Pilitak Enterprises Ltd. This remarkable project marks the fifth educational collaboration between Parkin Architects, Accutech Engineering Inc., and Pilitak Enterprises Ltd.

Drawing inspiration from the community’s needs and vision, the new high school and daycare will address challenges faced by the outgrown existing Netsilik School. With the school built in the 1970s as a primary school and expanded in the 1990s, it is now time to create a modern space that fully supports the students and staff.

The design centers around the Inuit concept of “Qaggiq,” emphasizing communal spaces and a connection to the land. Elders proudly shared their history of tradition hunting all year round, and the school’s design beautifully incorporates these stories. The concept of outdoor classrooms will expand learning beyond the building, fostering a deeper connection to tradition and nature.

Construction is set to begin in the early Fall, with the arrival of building materials during the last sealift of the season. The project team understands the logistical challenges of building in the Arctic and is prepared to deliver a successful and exciting construction phase. The community is eagerly awaiting the start of this transformative project.

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