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EDAC Advocate Firm Project

Evidence based decision making is a long-standing practice that has been effectively utilized in medicine, business, and education for decades.  As an EDAC Advocate firm, Parkin conducts in-house research and collaborates with external researchers and post-occupancy evaluation firms to further the body of knowledge available in healthcare design.

Parkin’s internal EDAC committee, curates our  ongoing efforts to organize data, evaluate evidence, and distil information into a meaningful repository for use on our projects. This source review establishes an accurate knowledge base for our design teams to better inform our design process. It has helped us identify gaps in current knowledge, an understanding of relevant research which has already been performed, and it forms the basis for potential new research.

The Center for Health Design’s 2022 EDAC Advocate Firm Project features Parkin’s Providence Care Hospital in Kingston, ON. The publication outlines EDB goals, an overview of the project, challenge, solution, and results.

For a glimpse of this informative feature, click here.

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