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Discover the Power of Space and Art at “Art for the Soul”

Get ready for an engaging evening in Toronto on November 2nd, where Parkin Principal, Claire O’Donnell, will join a dynamic panel discussion at MAiDHouse’s event, “Art for the Soul.” The event’s centerpiece, a captivating panel discussion at 6:30 pm, will delve into the profound role that space and art play in the end-of-life experience.

“Art for the Soul” will feature a live experience shared by Sheldon Rose, a multi-talented Toronto art consultant, gallerist, and musician. The panel will also include esteemed experts like Chantal Perrot, past chair of MAiDHouse and MAiD provider, and Dr. Chen Shen, curator and Vice President of Art and Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum (The ROM).

Claire O’Donnell will contribute her expertise, insights, and stories to help us explore the transformative impact of both physical and metaphysical spaces at the end of life.

Don’t miss this life-changing event! Register by clicking HERE.

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