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Designing The Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

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The interior design for Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex (WMRC) focused on details to establish character for the complex’s diverse functions and users. Attention to combining practicality and functionality with innovation and ingenuity, to deliver highly effective and efficient design, resulted in long-term cost efficiencies, and feasible solutions.

Our interior design team share their insights to the WMRC interior design concepts.

“Concentration on interior details was essential to establishing a character and identity for the facility, its diverse functions, and group of users. For example, the interior of the Community Pavilion is notable for its more minimalistic and timeless approach to materials, while the Fitness Core has more expressive elements such as colourful supergraphics to create more visual interest. Using a different design approach for each of these spaces helped define their character and create unique experiences for the community.”   Andrea Langham, Interior Designer, Senior Associate


“Overall, the criteria for the selection of materials and finishes included quality, cleaning ability, safety, and performance. Within the Community Pavilion, large format, contemporary, porcelain tiles create a complementary, non-competing backdrop to other surrounding design elements, while contrasting elements, like glass and warm wood materials, create visual interest that helps to generate a dynamic and interesting environment.”  Dorota Klimczak, Designer

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