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Designing Children’s and Women’s Healthcare Facilities in Canada

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Canada’s leading hospitals for women and children. We know designing healthcare facilities is a challenging task. As a result, we take a thorough-yet-compassionate, patient-centric approach to design in order to promote positive energy and support the healing process in the environments we create. Mothers are an integral part of a child’s healthcare journey. This is why we bring them, their children, and the community into the design process. We love working directly with patients to understand their needs and preferences so we can create functional environments that promote their well-being. Using this patient-design process, we developed five, distinct, interior design spaces for mothers and their children in healthcare facilities.

HSC Women’s Hospital

Private Space

Recognizing the importance of providing mothers with private spaces to breastfeed or pump milk, we designed breastfeeding rooms adjacent to main circulation areas for easy access while still maintaining privacy. In addition, we thoughtfully designed private patient bedrooms with high-back chairs for nursing mothers. Private ensuites with showers are designed to allow mothers to take the baby into the washroom. Pull-out sofas allow visitors or partners to relax or sleep when staying overnight.

HSC Women’s Hospital

Amenity Space

In our healthcare facilities we provide amenities such as rooftop gardens, kitchens, lounges, exercise rooms, and accessible breastfeeding rooms to support the well-being of mothers. These environments are engulfed in greenery and light to provide functional, comfortable, and supportive healing spaces.

ErinoakKids, Centre for Treatment and Development, Brampton Site

Social Spaces

Social interaction among mothers staying in healthcare facilities is vital to alleviate feelings of isolation and foster community, so we have designed shared playrooms for children and lounge areas for mothers to socialize and connect while their children play. In these areas, we also provide different types of seating choices to support both passive and active waiting. This ranges from private “cocoon” like seats for children who may have sensory issues, to more engaging seating allowing for mothers to sit comfortably with a child or children.

SickKids Hospital, Marnie’s Studio

Community Spaces

We believe involving the community in our design process builds a sense of ownership and pride. For example, when we were designing concepts for the HSC Women’s Hospital in Winnipeg, we engaged the community through public surveys to vote on two unique concepts that best represented the new facility. The winning result was the concept of “Wildflowers” where each floor was represented by specific flowers that related to the care theme of the floor. Tiny, rare and fragile flowers that manage to flower through the snow for the NICU, bright and colourful wildflowers that bloom midsummer were the flowers for the birthing floor, etc.

HSC Women’s Hospital

Positive Distractions

Understanding that healthcare treatments can be stressful for children. We use bright colours, interactive murals, and themed rooms to help children feel comfortable during treatments. Virtual skylights and biophilic wall graphics also provide a connection to nature and provide a positive distraction.

ErinoakKids, Centre for Treatment and Development, Mississauga Site


“Our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their parents who come to these healthcare facilities. We do this by designing with care and compassion.” Casey Tosheff, Senior Associate



At Parkin, we put our hearts into designing healthcare facilities with care and compassion. Our patient-centered approach is the driving force behind every aspect of our spaces. By weaving expertise together with empathy, we cultivate healing environments that not only support, but also inspire a positive recovery process for children and their mothers.

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