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Decarbonizing Healthcare

Parkin is a long-established architectural firm with a history of creating sustainable healthcare facilities. We have been leaders in repurposing and renovating hospitals for decades. Our work also includes many of the P3 hospitals built in Canada, and we are at the forefront of change that is coming to healthcare design and sustainability.

The architecture of healthcare is only a small part of reducing the carbon footprint. Sustainable architecture must be part of the systemic change that needs to happen. Our healthcare systems need to be more resilient. Decarbonizing healthcare is a holistic approach to managing the carbon imbedded in the supply chain. Going forward, we need reliable and integrated systems that include zero carbon technologies in building design and infrastructure while still creating resilient facilities that meet the needs of hospitals, their patients, and caregivers.

Our recent blog looks at how to we can Decarbonize Canadian Healthcare to Meet COP26 Commitments and we’ve explored ways to decarbonize healthcare in our latest video. Visit us on YouTube for a glimpse.

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