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Cowichan District Hospital Showcased in The Architect’s Newspaper

We are thrilled to announce that Cowichan District Hospital has been featured in The Architect’s Newspaper, a renowned American online publication. This recognition underscores the innovative approach and cultural sensitivity embedded in the hospital’s design.

The hospital is not just a healthcare facility but a testament to inclusivity and respect for Indigenous traditions. Patient rooms are thoughtfully equipped to accommodate Indigenous healing customs, such as burning ceremonies, reflecting a deep understanding and respect for the Cowichan Valley’s First Nation communities.

The design process was characterized by close collaboration with local First Nation communities, ensuring that their cultural and healthcare needs were at the forefront. This collaboration has resulted in the integration of various cultural amenities that enrich the overall patient experience.

The hospital’s design emphasizes evidence-based design principles that prioritize the well-being and cultural needs of Indigenous people. This approach not only enhances the quality of care but also fosters a sense of belonging and cultural pride among patients and staff alike.

Designed by Parkin in association with ZGF Architects, Cowichan District Hospital stands as a shining example of how healthcare facilities can be designed to foreground Indigenous people’s healthcare needs while promoting healing and inclusivity.

We invite you to read more about this fascinating facility and learn more about its groundbreaking design that sets a new standard for culturally responsive healthcare environments. Click HERE to access The Architect’s Newspaper.

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