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Celebrating Earth Day

On Earth Day 2022, we renew our commitment to environmental protection and the decarbonization of healthcare facilities.

The architecture of healthcare is only a small part of reducing the carbon footprint. It is the building and infrastructure, but it is much more than that. Sustainable architecture must be part of the systemic change that needs to happen. Are new facilities located to make them easier to get to and less dependent on cars? Can we move procedures into buildings in the community, closer to where staff and patients live?

Decarbonizing healthcare means that facilities must move away from a disposable ethic to using renewables whether they are glass tubes for pharmaceuticals or the laundering of linens. We need reliable and dependent systems that include zero carbon technologies in building design and infrastructure while still creating resilient facilities that meet the needs of those who visit them.

As our mission states, we cultivate a sustainable business model as the foundation to lead initiatives that positively impact lives​.

Sustainable design is an important component of Parkin’s architectural philosophy. We look at projects holistically, integrating features that endure over time. From materials sourced to a design’s long-term productivity, our solutions address ongoing building renewal. We approach sustainable design in a practical and affordable manner and customize our methodology to each client situation.

At Parkin, we go further than simply choosing the right materials and technology for short-term gains. We help to ensure that the systems we create are self-sustaining over the long term by carefully examining those elements that affect a building’s life cycle including constructability and long-term maintenance needs.

A consistent sustainable product is the goal, whether the project is scheduled to be LEED certified and Parkin’s portfolio includes a number of notable projects with sustainable initiatives:

Project:  Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, New Facility, LEED Gold

Project:  Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower, New Facility, LEED Gold

Project:  St. Joseph’s Healthcare, London/St. Thomas, New Facilities, LEED Gold, St. Thomas, LEED Gold, London

Project:  20 James Street, Renovation of Parkin’s Ottawa Office, LEED Silver

Project:  York Regional Police, Headquarters, Aurora, Ontario, LEED Silver

Project:  York Regional Police, Training, East Gwillimbury, Ontario, LEED Silver

Project:  Woodstock General Hospital, Greenfield, Woodstock, ON, LEED Silver

Project:  Upper River Valley Hospital, Green-Field Community Hospital, Waterville NB, LEED Silver

Project:  Trillium Health Centre – Office Building (In JV with Perkins Eastman Black Architects), LEED Gold

Project:  Providence Care Hospital, LEED Silver

Project:  Joseph Brant Hospital, LEED Silver

Project:  Vancouver General Hospital – Joseph & Rosalie Segal Family Health Centre Project, LEED Gold

Project:  Restigouche Hospital Centre, Mental Healthcare, Campbellton, New Brunswick, LEED Silver

Project:  Heath Sciences Centre, Women’s Hospital, LEED Basic

Project:  Penticton Regional Hospital, Patient Care Tower, Designed and constructed to achieve LEED Gold Certification

Project:  Rehabilitation and ABI Building, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation, Planned to meet sustainable design principles

Project:  Cape Breton Regional Hospital, Green Globes

Project:  Western Health & Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Transportation + Works, Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital, Targeting LEED Silver, Targeting zero emission with geothermal building heating and cooling

Project:   Nova Scotia Health Authority, Bayers Lake Community Outpatient Centre, Targeting LEED Silver

Project:   Winchester District Memorial Hospital, Designed to meet sustainable design principles

Project:   Kemptville District Hospital, Designed to meet sustainable design principles

Project:   Queensway Carleton Hospital, Designed to meet sustainable design principles

Project:   Royal Inland Hospital, Patient Care Tower, Targeting LEED Gold

Project:   Penticton Regional Hospital, David E. Kampe Tower, LEED Gold

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