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Celebrating Accessibility: Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex Recognized by The Globe and Mail

We are thrilled to share the spotlight with The Globe and Mail as they emphasize the crucial importance of accessible spaces. In their recent article, they underscored that “providing accessible spaces is a moral imperative and strategic investment.”

Highlighted within this piece is Parkin’s Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex, recognized for its accessibility features. These include added overhead ceiling lifts, adult change tables in family washrooms, barrier-free gender-neutral washrooms, and group change rooms equipped with accessible showers, washroom facilities, and a change bench. Additionally, an extra walking track has been incorporated alongside the running track, catering to seniors and other users who may prefer walking over running.

This acknowledgment underscores our ongoing commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for all members of our community.

To delve deeper into the importance of accessible spaces as both a moral imperative and strategic investment, click HERE.

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