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Carleton University Azrieli School of Architecture

Master of Architecture, Studio 1 “Architectures of Care” Mid-Term Reviews

Carleton University’s Master of Architecture Studio 1, ‘Architectures of Care,’ explores the intersection of health, welfare, and the built environment, envisioning architectural solutions for an aging society. As part of this innovative program, the recent Mid-Term review crits took place on November 10, 2023, at the Azrieli School of Architecture.

Parkin’s Kim Kennedy, Loretta Dabay, and Greg Pattison were honored to contribute as guest panel reviewers, joining esteemed Studio Instructors Suzy Harris-Brandts and Daniel Goldberg. Their insightful participation continues in December 2023 for the Final Studio review crits in the school’s main atrium, ‘The Pit.

We’re privileged to engage in collaborative discussions, fostering the development of the students’ final projects and supporting the ethos of ‘architecture of care.

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