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Canadian Academy of Architecture for Justice — Awards Competition

Parkin fosters collaboration, partnerships, and the sharing of knowledge to build better communities. Our management team participate in associations dedicated to this mission.

Parkin’s Justice sector leaders, (Richard Huot, and Roberta Somlo, serve on the executive committee of the Canadian Academy of Architecture for Justice (CAAJ).  Comprising architects, designers, and allied professionals working in the justice sector share knowledge to advance Canadian expertise in the field, the Academy advocates for a justice system that is accessible and equitable for all members of society, focusing on four areas of justice architecture: courts, corrections, law enforcement, and allied facilities.

On January 31, 2023, the CAAJ announced a competition for architecture students to design a new, international, border-crossing post and speculate on current issues.  Designs will be evaluated by a jury of experts, architects, and industry professionals.  Participants are strongly encouraged to explore a wide spectrum of creative architectural responses—functional, philosophical, and social—including ways in which the facility might: be integrated into the surrounding context and community; act as a catalyst for building a positive relationship between two nations; and address what a border entry means in today’s context.

The registration deadline is June 30, 2023.  For more information click HERE.

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