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Bayers Lake Community Outpatient Centre in Halifax is now open

Our team was thrilled to be part of the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony, celebrating the official opening of the new outpatient center we designed in the vibrant Bayers Lake area of Halifax, N.S. This center is set to become a pivotal healthcare hub, boasting dozens of dialysis stations and a multitude of clinical spaces, as outlined by the province.

Nestled conveniently near highways 102 and 103, the Bayers Lake Community Outpatient Centre celebrated its grand opening this Wednesday. The facility is poised to serve the community with over 100 clinical spaces, 24 dialysis stations, and a spectrum of appointment-based services encompassing eye care, X-ray, blood work, ultrasound, and orthopedic assessment.

It’s been an honor to contribute to this vital healthcare resource, and witnessing its inauguration was truly exhilarating. For further details, explore the news links below.

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