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A Convergence of Expression: Inuit Knowing and Educational Architecture in Northern Canada: A two-part blog series

We are pleased to post another blog in our series.  This two-part blog explores how modern design principles and improved construction materials can converge to create an architectural expression that aims to respect and reflect the understanding of those who inhabited the land before the arrival of colonizers.

Our blog looks at how the communities with which we have worked have helped to educate us as to how the built form can live in harmony with both the physical and non-physical elements that define the land and the peoples who walk upon its surface.

We have come to understand that any architectural intervention in an Indigenous community needs to be a living entity that will work in unity with all the forces that meet the project.

Quotes from Parkin Principal and northern expert, Robert Boraks, provide insight into our experience working in the North.

Please click here to read our insightful blog.

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