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COVID-19 Screening and Testing—Portable Solution | Parkin Recognized as Team Member in Microsoft Blog

Microsoft partners Insight and PCL Construction have joined industry leaders to create a safe way to conduct COVID-19 screening and testing. This process is crucial to providing vital medical help for patients while preventing further spread of the virus. The team has created the Citizen Care Pod, a Smart Screening and Testing Pod (SSTP), equipped with AI and IoT technologies.

The first CSA® certified Citizen Care Pod prototypes have been manufactured by PCL in Alberta and Ontario, allowing testing and triage outside hospitals and other venues, such as office buildings, sporting facilities, and other public spaces.

The team of industry leaders includes a collaboration among:

Architectural: Parkin Architects, WZMH Architects

Engineering: Quasar Consulting Group, Loring, Stephenson Engineering

Technology: TrakIT, GOJO, Bosch, Dell Technologies, Insight, PCL, Microsoft Azure, Baka

To read more on this fascinating project click here.

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