Progress Update: Sakku School Addition and Renovations in Coral Harbour

We’re thrilled to announce that the construction contract for the Sakku School addition and renovation project has been awarded to Arctic Fresh Projects and Penn-Co Construction this Spring. With the official opening of the shipping season, we’re anticipating the delivery of community and project materials over the next few months.

The long-awaited vision of the Coral Harbour community is coming to life as we revamp the Sakku School, built in 1979, and last renovated in 1995. With a focus on accommodating a K-12 program, the fully renovated school will feature a state-of-the-art high school wing, complete with a gymnasium complex, support spaces, and three high school classrooms.

As part of the renovations, the existing gym and old trade classrooms will transform into cutting-edge specialty programs, including new trade classrooms, science facilities, a resource center, and multi-purpose spaces. Embracing the Inuit concept of ‘Qaggiq,’ the school’s central communal space, the renovation fosters interaction between primary and high school spaces at the core of the building.

Not stopping there, we’re proud to provide a new daycare within the school, catering to the needs of the community’s young families.

But that’s not all! This project signifies a significant milestone in post-secondary education as we construct the Community Learning Center (CLC) for the Nunavut Arctic College (NAC). The CLC, located on the same site as Sakku School, will offer dedicated classrooms to support local post-secondary programs.

Taking a phased approach throughout the construction, we expect this transformative journey to span over three years. Even with the renovations and expansion in progress, the school will remain operational, with all students and staff actively participating in the transformation of the building.