Parkin wins another AWARD for Northern High School Design

Parkin is pleased to announce that Cape Dorset’s High School—Peter Pitseolak High School—has recently received the Project of Distinction designation in School Planning & Management’s 2018 Education Design Showcase. The Editor-in-Chief of School Planning & Management | College Planning & Management, Jerry Enderle states, “Good designs don’t just happen.  They are created due to the hard work of the institution, the architect and the community. Each project may be unique, yet they all share one common goal: to provide the best possible learning environment for all students at all levels of education.”  Peter Pitseolak High School has achieved this goal.

Judges’ Comments:  This project honours the community and the culture. The process was remarkable—the research and the architect’s understanding of the community’s input, and the need for daycare to keep students in school.

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