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November 2016

Providence Care Hospital – Update

The construction of Kingston’s Providence Care Hospital has reached a milestone.  Substantial Performance was certified by the Cost Consultant on November 18, 2016.  Occupancy has also been granted by the City. 

Providence Care Hospital – Progress, November, 2016

Work continues to progress on the exterior cladding, with mostly parapet flashing and key intersection details remaining to be completed. By day’s end, when most of the trades have departed, the main entrance façade is unveiled beyond a sea of parking. Landscaping is nearing completion; the elevated exterior terraces await final cleaning, but provide solace
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Gold Award Winner for Infrastructure – New Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Celebrating Innovation and Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships, CCPPP (The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships) announced the 2016 National Awards Recipients. As the architects of record (Parkin Architects Limited in JV with Adamson Associates Architects), we are proud to share the good news.  Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is the recipient of the Gold Award for Infrastructure.  The
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