Parkin Launches 3D Print Challenge #3

Parkin has been using 3D printing as part of the interactive design process with its clients.  To encourage our staff to become more adept with the new technology, we launched our third 3D Print Challenge today.  The competition involves the selection of a building; preferable a Parkin-designed building and creating a 3D massing model of the building and the site.

Voting will take place on Friday June 1st, 2018 and results will be announced on Monday June 4, 2018.

Good luck to all teams.  We look forward to another great competition.

Penticton Regional Hospital (PRH) – Progress Report

Construction at PRH is still progressing very quickly.  With only seven months left to occupancy, all the trades are working in unison.  Exterior metal framing and sheathing is nearly complete on all levels. The Level 1 Interior finishes are under way.  The roof system is being installed on Level 8, and mechanical and electrical installations are ongoing on all levels.

Joseph Brant Hospital published in Healthcare Design, Interior Design Portfolio

Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH) was published in Healthcare Design’s Interior Design Portfolio.  The hospital is comprises of a 7 story addition, 172 bed patient care tower; and renovations to the existing hospital.  This innovative facility is nestled between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment.  75% of patient rooms have lake views.  To see more click on:

Parkin and SickKids Broke New Ground in Paediatric Patient Care

Eighteen years ago, Parkin and SickKids broke new ground in paediatric patient care, when the hospital needed to invest in an Image Guided Therapy suite to provide diagnostic treatments in an OR setting. Collaborative and creative efforts led to an addition designed to accommodate the spacial needs of the then-state-of-the-art equipment. This year, Parkin refreshed the suite to accommodate 2018 upgrades to the diagnostic equipment. Parkin’s research and innovative designs result in creative, feasible solutions—for today, and in the future.

To view this space, please visit us on YouTube.

Parkin Spring Wreath Decorating Competition

Parkin’s Social Club hosted a spring wreath decorating competition on Monday, March 12, 2018.  Three teams entered the competition.  The teams started with an 18” wire wreath and had one hour to decorate their wreaths, meet their $20 budget and use 50% of edible materials.  The end result was fabulous.  Congratulations to all teams!  Winners are as follows:

Upgrades to the SickKids Image-Guided Therapy Suite (IGT)

Having designed the original IGT suite at SickKids several years ago, Parkin was engaged by HealthCare Solutions to redesign the suite to accommodate an upgrade to the diagnostic equipment. The suite is currently complete and undergoing final equipment commissioning and testing for final  occupancy.

SickKids – Intermediate Care Redesign for Ward 7C on Parkin’s YouTube Channel

The recently completed Intermediate Care Redesign for Ward 7C project, in the Slaight Atrium Building at SickKids is now on Parkin’s YouTube Channel. Take a guided tour and learn how the new physical layout optimizes nursing resources improve clinical outcomes, including improved patient satisfaction, and reduced length of stay and readmission rates. To get a glimpse of the space, click on:


Penticton Regional Hospital (PRH) – Progress Report

Construction at PRH is progressing very quickly.  With only nine months left to occupancy, there are various trades on site working in unison.  Poured concrete for the tower is near completion and 95% sheathed, with the parkade structure poured up to level 1.  Exterior brick cladding is being installed on some of the lower levels of the Patient Care Tower (PCT) and the other cladding systems will begin once it is weather tight and insulated.  Painting, flooring and wall protection are underway on levels 1 and 2.  Levels 3 and 6 are at various stages of interior framing and boarding.