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Institutional Design

We’re often asked, “What is institutional design, and how does it differ from other types of design?”

Institutional design is the design of buildings to serve the public, such as hospitals, schools, police stations, prisons, and recreational/community centres. The design process and outcome for public-use buildings are very different from those for private or residential buildings, for a number of reasons. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | 2018 Parkin Architects Year In Review

2018 Parkin Architects Year In Review

It has been an exciting and rewarding year for Parkin Architects Limited. We continued our work on a number of cutting-edge projects for the foremost healthcare, educational, recreation, justice, and research institutions across Canada.

Thank you to our staff, partners and team members for their hard work, passion and dedication over this past year. We look forward to what 2019 will bring knowing that, together, we will continue to innovate and exceed client expectations.
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Innovation And People Are At The Heart Of Our Designs

Innovative technologies in architecture

Technology has changed the way most industries do business, and architecture and design are no exception.  Advances in design technologies have allowed architects to better demonstrate their proposed designs to clients, and clients to more easily visualize the end product. Architects are able to display multiple design options with ease and can make design changes on the spot, while also immediately calculating the effect of changes on the overall design. The architect still provides the creative impetus for the project, and is critical to interpreting and realizing the client’s needs, but innovative technologies now allow the architect to shift more of their focus to the client relationship.
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© Parkin Architects Ltd. | The Benefits of Pet Therapy

The Benefits of Pet Therapy

It’s common knowledge that owning a pet can improve the quality of life for the owner, providing companionship and often encouraging a more active lifestyle, but recent studies show that pets can also provide a therapeutic benefit for patients in a healthcare context. Read more

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Education Trends

Generation Z—those born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s―are coming of age and, as “digital natives”, are changing the world around them. This generation was born into the world of the Internet and has never known a time without instant access to a wide range of information. Their technology-enabled upbringing has also led them to learn differently than did previous generations, including the Millennial generation. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Designing A Better Police Station

Designing A Better Police Station

The local police station is an essential thread in the fabric of every community. Its presence provides security to the residents and is a reminder that the neighbourhood is protected.  Views are changing, however, on how local police forces want to interact with their communities, and how their stations can be designed to facilitate these changes. Read more

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