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How Nature Enhances Patient Care and Rehabilitation

It’s the first day of spring; an exciting and healing change of season, specifically for those in patient care and rehabilitation.

There is no denying the role nature plays in the patient experience and rehabilitation process. Some of the best designs are the result of a collaborative approach between landscape architects, hospital staff and therapists.

Patient-Specific Gardens

Blending the restorative benefits of nature with the needs and rehabiliation requirements of  specific patient groups takes careful planning in order to meet the (sometimes conflicting) requirements. From different walking surfaces for those recovering from stroke, to play areas for children and siblings, to semi-private spots for solace and meditation, there are a number of ways these gardens can help promote well-being.

Therapeutic Spaces

Outdoor spaces are designed for the specific needs of patients dealing with mental or psychological challenges. One study demonstrated that Alzheimer participants who spend five to ten minutes of unstructured time in the garden each day during the summer show improvement on a number of parameters.