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© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Material Selections in Healthcare

Material Selections in Healthcare

Lynne Wilson Orr, Principal, Parkin Architects Limited

Paediatric hospitals are well-known for theming their interior design. Everything from trains to space to underwater themes have been developed to add visual interest for hospitalized children. Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital even has a real fire engine in one of its lobbies, and a sculpture of a mother whale and her calf animate the main lobby. Adult facilities are also being themed, with ‘spa’ and nature themes being the most popular. Natural-looking materials, views to gardens, soft colours, artwork and spectacular lighting systems make these spaces warm and welcoming.

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© Parkin Architects Ltd. | 3D Print your Elevations

3D Print your Elevations

By Mario Pistone, Vice President, Parkin Architects Limited


This quick overview of the 3D print workflow will help you understand the content of this blog. The genesis of a 3D printed project is a computer-generated model scanned from an object or developed in a 3D program like Sketchup or Revit. The model is exported to another program (generally referred to as a ‘slicer’) to generate a layer-by-layer tool path and material supply code for the 3D printer to follow. The slicer may also calculate assistive tools such as temporary supports, pauses for material/colour changes and printer settings to balance speed and quality as desired by the user.
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© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Interior Designers in Architectural Practices

Interior Designers in Architectural Practices

Lynne Wilson Orr, Principal, Parkin Architects Limited

I am fortunate enough to have degrees in both interior design and architecture and I am registered with both ARIDO and the OAA.  The practice of which I am a part provides architectural and interior design services to clients, so I get to do both. As a result, I know what it is like to be an interior designer who practices within an architectural office. It is challenging but also very rewarding. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Women in Architecture

Women in Architecture

Lynne Wilson Orr, Principal, Parkin Architects Limited

As a graduate student in architecture, I was told by one professor that women were not physically strong enough or intelligent enough to be architects. A different professor tried to give me a ‘C’ on a group project and the rest of the group, all guys, an ‘A’. And since I had done most of the work, I wasn’t too happy and told him that. In high dungeon, I stalked off, yet again to the office of the Dean of Architecture to voice my complaints. Read more

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