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By:  Lynne Wilson Orr, Principal, Parkin Architects Limited

There can be very interesting stories behind why we design the building features that we do. Design is sometimes a challenging profession as it can take many years to see the results of your efforts, particularly in healthcare design. But every so often, you see a tangible and welcome outcome from something that was a challenge identified by a client’s story. Recently, we toured a new client through the Brampton site of ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development and talked with staff about some of their stories. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Social Architecture

Social Architecture

We are architects of social facilities; something we take seriously. Social facilities design requires the successful identification of naturally-occurring patterns, the development of new patterns, and the application of these to architecture. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure our designs respond to the needs – personal, physical and emotional – of the users of the environments we design. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Evidence-Based Design

Evidence-Based Design

Evidence-Based Design (EBD) is defined by the Center for Health Design as “the deliberate attempt to base building decisions on the best available research evidence with the goal of improving outcomes and of continuing to monitor the success or failure for subsequent decision-making.” Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | The Benefits of Virtual Reality in Architecture

The Benefits of Virtual Reality in Architecture

Recently we had the opportunity to give a virtual tour of the Electrophysiology Room designed for St. Mary’s General Hospital (SMGH) as part of InsiteVR’s Immersive Project Showcase. The event was held at SMGH and invitees from across North America with virtual reality (VR) headsets were invited to participate. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Technology In Healthcare: An Interview With Phil Crompton (part 2)

Technology In Healthcare: An Interview With Phil Crompton (part 2)

Technology in healthcare: an interview with Phil Crompton part 2. To read the first half of our interview please click here.

Phil Crompton, founder and principal at Vantage Technology Consulting Group, is known for his visionary view of technology. He helps organizations envision the role that technology will play in their future, and guides them through the complex process of building effective and resilient technology systems and infrastructure. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | The Importance of Wayfinding

The Importance of Wayfinding

Good architectural wayfinding allows individuals to navigate built environments with ease and confidence. Within complex environments, such as healthcare, educational campuses, and transportation facilities, wayfinding enhances one’s understanding of the physical environment, reduces stress and confusion, increases safety, and saves time for both visitors and employees. Read more

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