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© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Four Benefits of Net Zero-Energy Building

Four Benefits of Net Zero-Energy Building

As we move towards a future where sustainability and rising energy prices play an increasingly important role in the design, development and construction of our built environment, the concept of Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) is gaining momentum in the architectural industry. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Way-finding in Institutional Architecture

Way-finding in Institutional Architecture

For facility visitors or patients, it is important that they be able to navigate within the facility quickly and with ease. What this comes down to is creating and incorporating highly organized and effective way-finding measures from the first steps of the design process. Read more

© Parkin Architects Ltd. | Acoustics in Healthcare Design

Acoustics in Healthcare Design

The role of acoustics in healthcare design has been well documented, in particular, the detrimental effects of noise in healing environments. Excess noise can raise heart rate and blood pressure, increase pain after surgery, slow the healing process, and lengthen hospital stay. As architects and designers of healthcare facilities we can help mitigate the role of noise using specific acoustic principles and technology. Read more

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