Providence Care Hospital – Update

The construction of Kingston’s Providence Care Hospital has reached a milestone.  Substantial Performance was certified by the Cost Consultant on November 18, 2016.  Occupancy has also been granted by the City. 

Applying new noise-absorbent technology at the Special Care Nurseries at The Ottawa Hospital

Parkin was retained by The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) to conduct a review of both the General Site, Special Care Nursery; and the Civic Site, Special Care Nursery. A significant condition at the General site is that all the babies are in large rooms, resulting in an absence of noise-control separations between care areas; in addition, these rooms have no acoustically attenuating materials and no individual lighting controls. Evidence-based medical research carried out by Dr. Stan Graven and Dr. Robert White, both US neonatologists, has shown that premature infants’ development is negatively affected by exposure to excessive noise and light.

TOH commissioned Parkin to design a new Special Care Nursery at the Civic Site, designed with highly noise-absorbent ceiling tiles, resilient flooring, acoustic wall panels and individual lighting controls. The sickest babies will also have their own individual rooms. The new unit will open in 2017.

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Parkin Director Appointed as Visiting Scholar at Carleton University

On the recommendation of the Acting Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Parkin Director, Robert Boraks, has accepted an appointment on a temporary basis as Visiting Scholar at the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism at Carleton University, effective January 1, 2017.

Robert is privileged to have been offered this appointment and looks forward to fulfilling many professional and personal opportunities.

Providence Care Hospital – Progress, November, 2016

Work continues to progress on the exterior cladding, with mostly parapet flashing and key intersection details remaining to be completed. By day’s end, when most of the trades have departed, the main entrance façade is unveiled beyond a sea of parking.

Landscaping is nearing completion; the elevated exterior terraces await final cleaning, but provide solace to those admiring the beautiful backdrop that is Lake Ontario, at the foot of the St. Lawrence River. Work is ongoing around the forensics secure courtyards, as well as the cafeteria courtyard, and these areas should soon be as lush as the adjoining landscape.

The interior of the building continues to receive the finishing touches. Delicate finishes, such as decorative glazing, back-painted glass, and handrails on glass guards, are being installed in areas where most trades have vacated. The inpatient wing corridors are relatively complete, although access to these areas and above ceilings is still required for building systems commissioning. Views to the exterior are also provided from interior porches and quiet rooms. The donor wall has been installed and is ready to accept signage and donor recognition.

Gold Award Winner for Infrastructure – New Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Celebrating Innovation and Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships, CCPPP (The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships) announced the 2016 National Awards Recipients.

As the architects of record (Parkin Architects Limited in JV with Adamson Associates Architects), we are proud to share the good news.  Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is the recipient of the Gold Award for Infrastructure.  The new hospital replaces a legacy hospital. It has the capacity for 457 inpatient beds and additional space to accommodate up to 602 beds in the future.

Noted in the CCPPP posting, “the Awards Panel took particular note of how the new hospital acted as a core economic stimulant as an “anchored tenant” for the Oakville region. Panelists were particularly impressed that community input led to the success of the project.”