New Toronto Courthouse – Awarded

Together with AECOM, Parkin has been awarded a contract to provide planning, design and compliance consulting services for the New Toronto Courthouse (NTC), a high-rise courthouse to be constructed in downtown Toronto under Infrastructure Ontario’s AFP procurement practices.  The NTC, serving the Ontario Court of Justice, Criminal Division, will be one of the largest courts facilities to be constructed in Canada, with over 70 courtrooms and judicial hearing rooms

Providence Care Hospital – Progress Status


Construction of the Providence Care Project is well underway. The exterior envelope is approximately 75% complete, and the trades are expediting the brickwork around the Patient Care areas before the winter season. The interior scope of the project is progressing at various levels of completion. The three inpatient units (IPUs) are progressing at various stages, with building A (Forensics) being the furthest along and already receiving final finishes. Building B is also making progress, currently receiving drywall finish.  Building C is nearing completion, awaiting drywall finish. Some of the feature spaces within the building, including the triple-height space “atrium” and the main entrance, are beginning to take shape.